We take pride in the quality and variety of food and drink that we offer

Food served 12pm — 9pm everyday - including Sunday
Call 015242 41274 (for groups of 6 or more)

We do homemade

and we are proud of it

There is a big difference between home-cooked and homemade

For example, if you buy one of our pies, the filling is prepared from scratch, using local ingredients wherever possible, and the pastry is made, rolled and lovingly placed on top by our in-house chef. Some pubs prefer the speed and convenience of pre-prepared ‘ready meals’, but it wouldn’t be The Station Inn, and that’s why we don’t do that.

Our menus

If you know that you want to eat at the Station Inn - let us know too! Whilst we naturally love being busy, we hate disappointing customers so we encourage everyone to book tables in advance wherever possible.

Call 015242 41274 (for groups of 6 or more)
Starters; Light Bites & Platters
Small Plates / Children’s Menu
Range of specials available everyday


The Station Inn is so many things to so many people and we try and reflect this in the choice of ‘drinks’ and ‘beverages’ we have available.

It has been known to occasionally be a bit chilly here in the Yorkshire Dales…so we have a good range of tea, coffees and hot chocolate. You may also have noticed that we are big on beer and are absolutely committed to bringing customers the very best of locally brewed ales – we are a genuine Yorkshire free house!

The Station Inn has a growing range of soft drinks available with varieties and sizes suited to children as well as adults.

We’re well stocked with spirits either with a mixer or on the rocks. An early evening gin and tonic served over ice and sipped in the beer garden under a retiring summer sun is the landlord’s favourite!

View our wine list

Do talk to us if you have any special dietary requirements or allergies – we try and cater for everyone but are always keen to add to the variety of dishes we offer. Similarly, if you if you have a ticket for train which is due to depart shortly do let us know. We’ll point you towards the dishes which take less time to prepare and cook – it’s our version of fast food.

We would always encourage larger groups to book, we are delighted to cook for large numbers but do let us know so that we can do our very best for you.

Our dishes are hand-prepared so there may be some delays at busier times. We promise we are working as hard as we can so that you can unwind and fully recharge those batteries!

Call 015242 41274 (for groups of 6 or more)
bookings@thestationinnribblehead.com015242 41274
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