Important Information For Our Customers

Updated Guidance From 2 December 2020.

We continue to believe in delivering great service and place of calm for our customers in these difficult times. In addition to the rules explained below the key changes are :

  1. Our opening hours are now Midday to 2300 hours each day every day - with the exception of Christmas Day.
  2. Food is served from Midday to 2100 hours each day every day.
  3. Last orders is 2200 hours however you have an hour to drink up and finish your meal. You need to have left the premises by 2300 hours.
  4. You can only drink in the Inn if you are eating a substantial meal.
  5. Access to the Inn is restricted to single household / bubble only.
  6. Outside the “rule of six” continues to apply however you do need to order a substantial meal.
  7. Our lovely rooms remain fully open as does our bunk house accommodation.
  8. For our wonderful motor home visitors food and drink is still available for takeaway.
  9. Please note if you live in an area designated as Tier 3 UK Government Guidelines prohibit you from travelling outside your area or staying overnight at the Inn.

Finally thank you for your support and remember to concentrate on Hands; Face and Space.

Updated Guidance From Wednesday 24th September.

It has always been our intention to run a safe and well controlled business - giving you the opportunity to enjoy Ribblehead and the glorious Yorkshire Dales whilst having a small haven to head to, for food ; drink ; warmth and rest!

The good news is that the regulations don’t change the way we operate that much but as a reminder :

  1. Our opening hours are now amended : from tomorrow we are open between 1100hrs and 2200hrs every day, with last orders called at 2140hrs. Food runs between 1200hrs and 2100hrs.
  2. Face coverings are to be worn indoors whilst you are moving around the Inn but not once you are sat at your table.
  3. No direct ordering from the bar - our friendly team will ensure you have a table and take your orders and payments direct from your table. This is the case whether you are inside or in the garden or marquee.
  4. We need to collect your contact details for test and trace and will also have details via QR code for the new NHS test and trace app which we encourage you all to use. It is now mandatory for you to provide your details.
  5. For those of you staying in our rooms or bunk houses it will be possible to order drinks to take to your room at closing time.
  6. For our fabulous Motor Home supporters - likewise we have takeaway food and drink for you to take back to your vehicles, if required.
  7. And remember the Rule of 6. You are not permitted inside or outside in any group sizes of larger than 6.

We know rules can be hard to remember so please don’t be offended if we have to remind you!!

Importantly however fresh air; exercise and engagement in the world ( whilst remembering the key safety protocols of Hands; Face; Space) is good for the soul and our well being. At The Station Inn we remain committed to helping you have a great experience.

Updated Guidance From Monday 14th September.

The Government has introduced “the rule of six”. This means when meetings friends or family you do not live with you must not meet in a group of more than 6, indoors or outdoors. To do so would be to break the law and risk a fine.

At The Station Inn we respectfully ask that you plan appropriately to ensure you can comply with the law.

Please note that this applies to inside the Inn; in our garden and in our marquee (when erected). It also applies to our bunk house accommodation.

Finally there is a situation where groups can be larger than 6 and this is when everyone in the group lives together; is in the same support bubble or to continue the arrangements where children do not live in the same household as both their parents. Should this situation apply to you then please call us in advance on 015242 41274 to book and to avoid any potential difficulty on the day of your journey.

The Station Inn is an iconic Dales Freehouse that has been serving all-comers since 1875. Recently introduced Government guidelines to combat Covid-19 means that when you visit you may notice a number of changes to the service we are able to provide. In order to ensure you visit runs smoothly please do familiarise yourself with the below guidelines to ensure that your visit is both safe and enjoyable.


  • Our opening hours are 1100am to 1100pm every day of the year, with the exception of Christmas Day when we are closed.
  • Our Food Service is available between midday and 0900pm every day.
  • We have a number of different area’s you can use whilst at The Station Inn. A fabulous garden over-looking the historic Ribblehead Viaduct; a large marquee arranged with tables for when the weather is inclement and of course the Inn itself.
  • We are operating a table only service and customers are requested to wait either by the marquee or by the front door of the Inn and wait to be seated by a member of our team. Please ensure you queue by the appropriate distance markers.
  • In addition we are operating a take-away service where you can buy food to eat and drink to consume off the premises – a queuing system will be in place.
  • Please note that we have reduced the number of tables in the Inn to ensure the appropriate safe distance between guests. If you wish to ensure you can sit inside the Inn please do call us on 015242 41274 to reserve a table. Table bookings are for a period of a maximum of 2 hours. If you do not reserve a table – we cannot guarantee that you will be able to sit inside, although we will work hard to accommodate you where we can.
  • Congregating at the bar is not permitted.
  • We would prefer all customers to pay by card where possible, although we will still accept cash.
  • Booking will be staggered to minimise the requirement for queuing.
  • We are operating a one way system around the Inn which will be clearly marked.
  • We have installed portaloo’s in our car park for the use of our guests using either the garden or marquee.
  • We have installed hand santisers outside the entrance to the Inn; outside all of our toilets and at the entrance to both the garden and marquee – please use these as you pass them.
  • Outdoor tables will not be permitted to move indoors should the weather change – unless we are able to find you space.

For Our Residents

  • If you wish to eat with us in the evening you will be seated inside the Inn, however please do ensure you discuss what time you would like your table with us either on arrival or when you make your booking.
  • Please be mindful of other residents when in the corridor or using the stairs in order to maintain social distance.
  • Please ensure you tell us on arrival at what time you would like breakfast in the morning.
  • We would like to reassure you that we have strict cleaning systems in place for both room and bedding and will happily answer any questions you may have.
  • If, at any time, during your stay you feel unwell please advise the management as soon as possible.
  • Due to current guidelines we have had to temporarily remove some of the soft furnishings and extras in our rooms. We sincerely hope this does not affect your stay with us. However please do not hesitate to let us know if you would like extra tea, coffee or biscuits in your room.
  • We will service your room when you are out unless you would prefer us not to, in which case please advise the staff. If you do wish a room service please leave your window open on leaving to aid ventilation whilst we clean. If you prefer only to receive fresh towels – again please let us know.
  • At the end of your stay please leave all windows open and leave your key in the door.

For Motor Homes

  • You are welcome as ever to stay with us, however please note that our Marquee has taken the equivalent of 7 parking spaces which may restrict availability.
  • We are offering a full take-away service for motor homes of food and drink. Please queue as appropriate to order
  • If you wish to eat in the Inn in the evening please do pre-book to ensure we can accommodate you.
  • Portaloos are available in the carpark for your convenience.

For the General Traveller

  • In these unusual and challenging times please do visit us and we will do our best to serve you. Please also recognise that we have made substantial changes to our business in order to be able to remain open – not all of them easy. Our staff will be working hard for you, please do respect their efforts.
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